Top 8 Things To Do In Scotland In Spring


North Ronald say lamb is a popular delicacy native to Orkney. The sheep are fed almost completely on seaweed which makes them acquire this unique taste which people from around the world sought after. So if you are in for some delicious North Ronald say lamb try it here where it is produced to enjoy its flavour at its best.


Capercaillie is the largest grouse in the world and also the most endangered bird. If you want to see these birds up close this summer then visit the Loch Garten Ospey Centre in the Highlands. The caper watch follows the male capercaillies as they try to woo the females during the mating season with the help of a CCTV. It is definitely worth getting up early to watch this. It runs till 17 May.


Castles are an important part of Scotland’s history. It is fascinating to wander around these amazing buildings and ponder on their history. From cliff top of Dunnottar to Craigivar the castle trail in Aberdeenshire features 17 castles which is also the inspiration for the castle of Walt Disney.


The Spring Fling runs during the late may bank holiday weekend. It covers the entire Dumfries and Galloway. About 100 professional artists open their studios free of cost to the public giving a unique opportunity to art lovers to see demonstrations, see what they do, talk to the artists and maybe buy a piece of cotemporary art. Most of these studios are only open for this annual event. Apart from the main event of Spring Fling it also presents Spring Fling Fringe which is a festival of performance activities, food and drinks. It offers its visitors a diverse variety of evening activities to enjoy.


In spring there is nothing as fun as to go outdoors and eat ice-cream. The University Café of Glasgow sells prize-winning homemade ice-cream. Visocchi’s in Dundee and Luca’s of Musselburgh both sell ice-creams made from special family recipe. Largs Nardini’s has 32 varieties. Varani’s Forum café in Kilmarnock has exotic Italian gelato flavours like Turkish delight, irn bru and parma violet.


Due to the location of Scotland the spring comes earlier then the rest of Europe. In April the world famous rhododendrons of Scotland will start blossoming and new fronds will begin to appear on the ferns. In Arduaine Garden near Oban many rare plants can be seen from around the world such as magnolias, rhododendrons, azaleas and many more.


If you want to have some fun in water try the Galloway Activity Centre where you can do power boating, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and canoeing. For children you have the option of the centre on Loch Ken which hosts fun days for kids during the school holidays.


Now that the long days are here it’s time to jump on your bikes and get some fresh air in your lungs. The island of Cumbrae has a 10.25 mile road around which is almost traffic free and flat you can enjoy your ride while admiring the picturesque views.

Source by Angela Naethon

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