The Features of the Best Web Cart Software

A shopping cart is the heart and soul of a profitable website. For that reason, you need the best web cart software available that works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week (one of the greatest feelings is wake up and realize that you’ve made money while you were sleeping; or to make money while you are on vacation). Therefore, why not create a check list of features you desire to have on your web cart, here are several of my favorites.

Offer Management

Most lower end carts don’t have the capability to offer discounts for multiple purchases, or to offer “one free when you buy three” or similar special offers. Having this ability can really increase the average amount that someone spends when they shop with you.

Multiple Website Capability

Most shopping carts are only good for one website. You are required to buy a completely separate system for each website you want to develop. This can be ENORMOUSLY EXPENSIVE, time consuming and frustrating. Shopping cart systems that can handle products from multiple websites save tons of money and development time. A side benefit is that completely different product lines can be sold with the customers from one website never even knowing about the products sold on the other website unless you want them to.

Upsell Modules

Good shopping cart systems will have the capability of suggesting related products to the shopper based on what they have already bought. This is equivalent to when you go to a fast food restaurant and they repeat that classic phrase “Do you want fries with that?” ┬áImagine having 100 people buy one of your products and right be for you close the sale, you get 20 of those people to buy one or more additional products or services. I’m sure you can see how powerful this can be and I am sure this is a feature you absolutely want in the shopping cart system that helps you run your business!

Sales Reports

A good shopping cart system will give you sales reports in a number of different ways so you can choose the one that gives you the information you want. You should be able to switch between reports instantly and have many to choose from. Some common reports are:

Sales by Date – This, of course tells you how much you sold on a certain day.

Sales by Item – This tells you how much of a particular product you sold and you should be able to put in a date range, i.e. You sold 41 widgets for $737.97 in the five day period from April 7 – 17.

Sales by Client – This report is listing of your clients and how much money they spent. This is handy for identifying big spenders and rewarding them or giving them special thanks and/or incentives.

Sales by Card Type – This report breaks out the amounts of money that come in from different credit cards. This is handy for reconciling your credit card fees each month.

Sales by Ad Campaign – This report tells you exactly how one of your promotions performed.

Sales by Affiliate – This report tells you how well your affiliates are selling for you.

These are just a few features that I enjoy with my shopping cart. So if you are in the market for a great shopping cart, make sure that the cart you choose has features that not only make you look like a superstar, but also adds money to your bank account.

Source by Quintain Olden

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