The Art of Playing Paintball

After a tough week at the office, there is nothing better than a game of paintball. Paintball is a war and strategy game where both teams use air guns and shoot at each other different color paint pellets. The purpose of the game is to kill each other. The last man standing wins the game.

It is important that all your body is protected, although the paint used in the pellets is harmless and will wash off with water, prevention is the best medicine. Since you are in a battlefield it is not only important to protect yourself from the paint in the pellets but from rocks and rolling around on the ground.

This can be their downfall too, they are too eager to kill, to destroy. They lose perspective of the battle when they feel the taste of blood. They have been known to launch frontal attacks against nests of enemies and have wiped them out receiving only a few scratches. They are great to have on your team and fearless as enemies.

When the battle will take place outdoors camouflaged gear is used. One team uses the normal green and brown patterns while the other uses a grey and brown pattern. Both are clearly distinguishable from each other but they blend nicely with the surroundings. It is very difficult for you to shoot someone in your own team by mistake, unless you have gone battle crazy and shoot at anything that moves.

The outdoors scenario includes trees and bushes where you can hide. You get to crawl around in the dirt while you sneak on your prey. Fox hole have been dug in the ground for protection and sand bags and dirt hills complete the scene. Forest and jungle battlefields are also available. These paintball places are very complete and the battles are realistic too.

Be careful not to shoot each other too, when you see a target look around before shooting, someone else may be hunting for you too. Be patient and allow the enemy to show himself, move slowly. Always watch your back, you never know if someone is aiming at you from behind. Never stick your head up, always try to look from ground level up.

It is a great sport in which you relieve stress and get to exercise too. It is also fun to run around and hide all over the place. This is only a game, whether you take it seriously or not, it is still a game. Once the game is over people sit around and discuss the battle and have a good laugh.

It is very probable that your ten year old son or daughter will very much enjoy a birthday party at the paintball arena. It is a dream come true especially for boys. They can have Wild West duels or play war all day. Again the setup is great and the game is safe to play. Children of all ages, from seven to thirty seven enjoy it very much.

Source by James Frolsburg

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