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Always fire bud! Drove all the way from inland empire worth it always. Was out within 10min. Remodeling waiting area can't wait too see what it's like when it finished.
Santino Ashton
I had a very good experience here being my first time ever at a "shop". This beautiful dark skinned girl helped me and she was extra detailed about the products and always kept a big smile , didnt make me feel uncomfortable. Totally recommend.
MexToThe Max
It’s My 1st Go To Everytime I Go To Cali. I Love The Hospitality, Service, & Most Importantly The Quality They Cater. Woaa There 🔥Like Soon As You Arrives, It Is Not Normal. More Like An Experience Tbh. This Was My First Time Back In 2018.
Fatima E Murillo
Best place to pick up your medication. They've got the best flower or pre-rolls that smoke white ash. The best Flight in town, come get that pressure.
Grizzly Gorilla
Travelled 30 minutes. I'm glad I didn't go by the negative reviews! Give this place a honest chance! They've changed!
Queen Elizabeth Denise Leggin
josh was very knowledgeable. he gave us a lot of information and was patient with helping my friend and i choose our selection. we got some “cheesy weed.”
patrick aziz
That was the first time I have ever been in one of these stores I was impressed with the place they have very good product you must try it out...
Lawrence Romero
Fire bud and best customer service and management I've ever seen for a large scale dispensary. I had an issue with their 40% off sale and ended up paying full price for one of their on sale products. I called and let them know what happened and they said come back and we will get you a refund. I came back and they did one better, gave me an 8th free on the house for the trouble. I bought more that day just because. They went above and beyond and it's nice to be treated with compassion especially during these trying times. Thanks cookiesfam you truly are family.
Kelly K
1st time...loved it...employees were awesome...
Brandy Lee
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