Sports Tourism in the Great Rift Valley – Kenya

Tourists visiting the Rift Valley region of Kenya brace yourselves for an enjoyable safari across it’s scenery as well as the sporting facilities in the high altitude training areas. This region has rich sports history with many world record holders originating from this region. The region is also famous for its good climate for athletes and outdoor sports where international sportsmen and women could hold training sessions. Virtually, the Rift Valley is home to runners who have their base in Eldoret from the legendary Kipchoge Keino to Henry Rono, Patrick Sang to Paul Tergat with world titles under their belt by smashing records and breaking records. This region attracts a lot of domestic and foreign athletes and non-athletes who come to experience the high altitude areas where the great Kenyan athletes train.

Accommodation facilities are available at pocket friendly rates to cater for tourists accommodation while visiting this region e.g. Wagon Hotel, Hotel Sirikwa, White Castle, Assis Hotel among others. There are very beautiful tourist sites and attractions which the sports tourists can enjoy as part tourist packages covering the western circuit of Kenya e.g. Iten, Kaptagat, Tea farms (agro tourism), the culture of the local people etc. Go across the prestigious High Performance Training Centres (HPTC), one of the only six of the world when you visit Kenya’s Rift Valley. The other six are situated in: Senegal (for sprints and jumps), Mauritius, Australia, North American, Egypt and Germany. The Kenyan High Performance Training Centre is specifically for long and middle distance runners. Within the Rift Valley there is also the High Altitude Training Centre in Iten at an altitude of 2400 meters.

The idea behind the High Performance Training Centre is to give young talented athletes, mainly girls, a place to train and live under near ideal training conditions. There are already well packaged safaris for which may be tailor- made depending on tourists’ wishes. Such packages cover the National Parks and other tourist attractions around the region and some parts of Western Kenya. Take your safari in a Land rover 4 wheel drive with driver/ guide for the visitors while visiting this region. The High Altitude Training Camp offers an excellent opportunity to train and also enjoy Kenyan wildlife and tourism attractions conveniently. Kenyans are believed to do exceptionally well because of the high altitude advantages and it is for this reason that more and more foreigners are coming to train in Kenya so that when they go back to their countries where altitude is much lower, they can perform well. Indeed in Kenya talent is natured and Sports tourism is always highly upheld

Source by Atsiaya Martin Elkana

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