Review of How to Find the Man of Your Dreams by Bob Grant LPC, The Relationship Doctor

Let me just start off what Bob Grant said about his latest book in this review… “You can find the man of your dreams and get a marriage proposal within 6-12 months or less.”

OK! I have to tell you right off the bat that I am pretty skeptical of big claims like this and if I wasn’t familiar with Bob’s other books… I would have tossed that book in the trash can.

So whom exactly is Bob Grant LPC and why is he called the Relationship Doctor? Well, Bob is a relationship therapist based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been helping women find their dream guy for 17+ years. In fact, Bob remarked that he gets so many wedding invitations from his former clients!

But he isn’t complaining! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, back to “How to Find the Man of Your Dreams,” first of all… this book is not one of those sleazy jump-in-the-sack with your dream guy right away. No… Bob will counsel you how to write down the characteristics of your dream guy… and then how to meet the right men… and then how to weed them out quickly before they sap your energy and emotions because they turn out to be losers not worthy of your time and efforts.

The net result of this book is to focus on what kind of guy you want and how to keep him interested in you… and more importantly… how to get him to propose to you… in 6-12 months or less.

And I have to tell you this… as I read through his suggestions for where to find these guys… I was pretty impressed with his astuteness! I’m a guy and some of these suggestions were spot on.

Now I want you to understand this… Bob said that he has helped every type of woman find the man of their dreams… skinny, tall, overweight, older, younger and low self-esteem.

My point is this… if you have trouble finding or keeping the right guy… then you should definitely take a look at Bob Grant’s book. I truly believe it is one of the best relationship books for women to meet and keep their dream guy.

Source by John Garret

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