Tang Eray


Tang Eray


Tang Eray Bred by Cookies Fam from Growing Passion’s Lemonnade project, Tang Eray is a sativa blast of citrus. … Regardless of genetics, if you love citrus strains then this is a must-try—it offers a lip smackingly good flavor that’s followed by a soaring daytime high.

Tang marijuana strain is a 90/10 Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid. The herb is also known as Tropical Tang. This kush grows dark green, medium-sized buds generously covered in bright orange hairs. The nugs are rich with sticky resin and milky trichomes. When smoked, Tang buds delight the senses with pleasant aroma, a mix of citrus, herbs and spices. Tang marijuana is very potent, good for morning and day time recreational and medical use due to uplifting properties. Type of High Tang marijuana induces strong cerebral euphoria and soothing body-buzz followed by sedation. Improves mood, boosts energy, prompts giggles and chattiness. Relieves stress and stimulates appetite. May cause paranoia. Genetics The genetic origins of Tang cannabis strain are unknown.


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