Stundenglass, gravity bongs are filled with ingenuity. Making your own grav bong is easy in theory, but there’s a level of MacGyver-ing involved that leads to creations and innovations with objects as simple as the bottle (milk jug, Hawaiian Punch bottle) or larger water receptacle (bucket, plastic bin).

Stündenglass — “hourglass” in German and owned by vaporizer company Grenco Sciences — takes that ingenuity and creativity to another level with its gravity hookah, made of borosilicate glass and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum.

According to Timothy Cotter-Patenaude, marketing director at Stündenglass, the company’s founder story begins in 2012 with Tracey Huston, an Apple employee at the time, wanted to retire his own at-home grav bong set-up for something… that wasn’t a jug and a bucket. As the patriarch of a large family who didn’t have time to sesh, he enjoyed the ability to take one big hit, but wanted to improve the grav bong experience and design.

A family friend who knew Seth Rogen gifted the stoner-celeb a prototype of the Stündenglass. Rogen proceeded to put a video of him using it on social media, where it went viral. Huston began selling the Stündenglass out of his garage.

What began as a passion project became a new business venture in 2020. When Grenco Sciences invested in Stündenglass and hired Huston. Now, you’re likely to find Stündenglass in weed cafes and hookah lounges. But should you shell out $600 to have one in your home?


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