Sorbet Strain


Sorbet strain is a clone-only creation from DNA Genetics that many believe to be a phenotype of Sunset Sherbert, however its true genetics remain a mystery. Sorbet’s buds are green and purple and covered in trichomes, and this THC-dominant strain comes with a terpene profile that features a fruity aroma with sweet berry flavors. Early to flower and aesthetically pleasing, Sorbet is great to cross with other varieties.

Main Effects

This cannabis is very rare. The main and distinguishing characteristic is the almost identical levels of CBD and THC. The CBD is 8.5-11.5% and the THC ratio is 8.5-10%. The kush is also rich in terpenes:

Sorbet relaxes the body very well and relieves pain. Smokers were most often chained to the couch, but their minds remained clear. This state turned into increased concentration and creativity. For the most part, the feeling of happiness is present all the time, and consumers can easily talk about certain topics. However, keep in mind that giggles appear with talkativeness. It will also not be superfluous to stock up on drinks to avoid the thirst. In addition, marijuana causes dizziness and mild anxiety. Despite this, Sorbet is suitable for medical purposes when:

Muscular dystrophy
Aroma and Taste of Sorbet
This bud is a mixture of unusual scents. For example, many users commented on the taste of blue cheese, dough, and tobacco. However, the most expressive are the smell of herbs and citrus fruits.

Growing Tips

The flowering time is 62 to 67 days. The yield increases when grown outside. Plants are of medium height and require some maintenance. The average yield when grown inside is 2-4 oz/ft, while outside it is 4-6 oz / ft.


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