Seven Leaves (Supreme 41)


Seven Leaves

Seven Leaves is California’s premier source for premium cannabis flower, pre-rolls and supreme trimmings for extraction. Our state-of-the-art cultivation facilities in Sacramento, California total over 115,000 square feet of commercial indoor operations, operated using 100% renewable energy. Each member of the 7Leaves team has dedicated their career to yielding consistent harvests, while maximizing quality control and applying responsible cultivation practices. The team at 7Leaves has been in the California Cannabis Industry since 2008. Over the last decade, through non-stop education, the team has been perfecting cultivation methods. And techniques to develop premium grade, pesticide-free and herbicide-free cannabis and cannabis products. To date, 7Leaves has not failed a single Phase III test in the legal adult use market. Seven Leaves is on the cutting edge of emerging technologies, using industry best practices, and SOPs.

Furthermore it t is super excite to announce the launch of the 7Leaves “Cannabis Lifestyle” brand. This launch is bringing Seven Leaves apparel and cannabis accessories to the global market. Seven Leaves is absolutely honor to have our Cannabis Lifestyle products worn and used by supporters worldwide.

Moreover we appreciate your interest in our products and hope our daily handwork, which we do with great passion, honesty, and diligence, will earn your trust and love for our products. The shift is happening; we are happy to ride the wave with you!


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