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NUG Carts Premium Live Resin Vape – Ambrosia

77.60%~78% THC | 0.1%~0.12% CBD

Nug carts, Ambrosia, otherwise recognize as “food of the gods”, is an apt title for this notably well-round yet extremely potent blend. Crafted like an opulent fine wine, NUG’s renowned extract pros carefully considered complimentary effects & terpene profiles to achieve a perfectly balanced high, with a great taste to match. And it shows.⁠

Like the refreshing namesake salad, a cornucopia of fresh fruits and cream coax your palate on each puff, garnished with a sprig of fresh mint, before giving way to musky notes of cinnamon and cloves. But this world-class taste has world-class effects as well. Stony, but not sleepy. Uplifted, with no tension. Elevating your day above the doldrums, but chill enough to kick back with for an evening movie or some laughs with friends. And on top of all that, this godlike high has a wicked kick.⁠

Our NUG carts Line is crafted using specialized techniques to preserve the pure flavor of the live resin extract and is the most accurate representation of the full spectrum live resin experience in a vape cart….Period. Distillate-free. Zero additives. Top of the line hardware, for consistent hits from first drag to last. Be sure to ask for Ambrosia Salad and our other top-quality NUG Premium Live Resin vapes at your favorite local dispensary or delivery service.⁠


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