Green Dream .5g Vape Cart


Nova Farms Green Dream


Nova Farms Green Dream .5g Vape Cart. The 0.5 gram Southie Vape Carts are sleek, subtle, and perfect for your on the go adventure. Slap it onto a 510 thread battery and you’re vaping in no time! These bad boys are charged up with the dankest strains around and botanically derived terpenes. Experience the best, venture out!

Green Dream excites with cooling and crisp flavors. Lime and sweet citrus complement a cooling herbal mint sensation. Citrus and fresh herbal notes form the base for this flavor and help give your creativity a boost.

Green Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Green Crack and Blue Dream.

Fragrance: Mint, citrus, floral

Effect: Creative, uplifting, soothing

The unlikely offspring of two favorites, Green Crack and Blue Dream, this cultivar shines on its own. Cooling mint and herbal notes are at the forefront but fade into a sweet lime juice, fresh pine, and a pleasing herbal bouquet.

You can’t beat the convenience of THC vape carts. The immediate effects & discreet nature of this type of cannabis intake make them an obvious choice for many. Nova Farms vape carts are process in-house & craft to perfection with our state-of-the-art extraction technology. Nova Farms uses only naturally derived terpenes and never unsafe cutting agents or additives.



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