Ice Cream Sherbet


Ice Cream Sherbet Strain


Ice cream sherbet strain. Bred by Seed Junky Genetics, Ice Cream Sherbert is a hybrid cross of Ice Cream Cake x Sherbert. This strain provides the gassy Cake taste with the fruity Sherbert taste for an impeccable high.


About this strain: Ice Cream Kush

Ice Cream Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid produce by Paradise Seeds. Unfortunately, its breeder has opted to keep its origins unknown.

Ice Cream is known for its creamy taste and its high THC content. Paradise Seeds say this strain is 60% Indica, but effects of the mind and body have been experienced from this high. This bud produces a sweet, vanilla fragrance with flavors of vanilla, creamy, nutty, and honey.



The high usually starts with the Sativa effects, generating uplifting moods with heady cerebral sensations. Users report feeling more creative. Adults diagnosed with ADD/ ADHD report feeling more focused. Hence the Indica effects follow, often producing a numbing laziness, sedation and increased appetite. Negative effects include the usual dry eyes and mouth. Some anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia may also occur (especially with higher doses).

Patients choose Ice Cream primarily for the treatment of stress. Moreover the strain allows patients with anxiety and depression-related disorders to relax. Ice Cream’s Indica-based effects are also helpful to those seeking relief from mild aches and pains. Patients dealing with anorexia and other eating disorders may find Ice Cream useful in inducing appetite.


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