Abusive OG


Abusive Og Strain


Abusive OG Strain is an indica strain create by the breeders at Devil’s Harvest Knew sometime in the early 2000s.

Contrary to its name, consumers report that Abusive OG produces tranquil euphoria delivered with a fragrant, pine-smelling aroma. A true indica, this strain also produces feelings of relaxation, creativity, as well as the munchies.

Abusive Og Gtrain Grow Information


New and experienced growers alike will have an easy time cultivating Abusive OG, which has a reputation for low yields. Abusive OG flourishes with Screen of Green (SCROG) methods and grows into a short, squat plant when it reaches full maturity in 60-70 days. Once bloomed, the cultivar showcases tight, compact nugs covered in trichomes and orange pistils.


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