8 Ball Kush


8 Ball Kush


8 Ball Kush was first bred by Barney’s Farm. It was created by crossing an Afghan indica landrace and an unknown second landrace strain.

The top reported aromas of the  strain are spices, pepper, and soil. It is said to taste of pine, sage, and sweet wood.

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Due to its indica landrace genetics, it develops short, squat plants with thick stems and broad, dark leaves. The cultivar thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments and is capable of withstanding most environmental hardships. Indoors, the flowers in 49 to 63 days, whereas outdoor plants flower in early October. In ideal conditions, it produces up to 21 ounces of bud per plant, a plentiful yield.

It  is available as seeds only.

These nugs are heavy with fine crystal white trichomes and are sticky with sweet syrupy resin. Users describe the 8 Ball Kush high as very mellow and pleasant, with an almost immediate onset of a euphoric creative head high that leaves you uplifted and happy. This is follow by a fall into a deep state of utter relaxation and slight sedation without loss of functionality. Due to these potent effects, 8 Ball Kush is acknowledge to be an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as inflammation, mild to moderate cases of depression, muscle spasms, and chronic pain due to injury or illness.


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