Push disposable carts


Push Disposable Carts


P.U.S.H. was established in March 2020 after over 15years of research and development in the industry. They have been able to rise quickly due to being industry leaders, setting new standards for the cannabis community with high quality all-glass products. Supporters have named P.U.S.H. the most innovative cannabis company in recent years.

PUSH is the first company to ever bring full glass, heavy metal free cartridges to the cannabis market making vaping safe for all once again.


Sativa cross of GSC and Tangie has a creamy tart fruit flavor with an energizing effect for the everyday smoker.


Indica cross of Tahoe OG & Grape Soda has a citrus flavor with grape after taste. Said to be good for depression, anxiety, and insomnia.


Hybrid with Indica dominance cross of GG4 and Ice-cream has a vanilla ice-cream taste. It is uplifting yet relaxing perfect for any occasion.


Strong Indica Blueberry & OG Kush cross. Great blueberry flavor that gives you a full body high helping you destress and relax.



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