Madagascar Party Games – Have Fun in the Jungle

If your child likes Madagascar, why not throw a Madagascar party, games and all, for their next birthday? This is a party theme with so many ideas to go with; you will find something fun for everyone to do! Below are a couple of ideas for Madagascar party games to get you started. Let the animals loose and let’s have a zoo-rific time with these fun Madagascar party games.

Pin the Tail on the Alex

This Madagascar party game is just like playing pin the tail on the donkey, but using the Madagascar theme. If Alex isn’t your favorite character in Madagascar us Gloria the Hippo, or Melvin the giraffe, or how about the birthday boy himself Marty the zebra! For something a little more unique, you can have a penguin and let your guests pin the fish in his mouth!

Penguins on the Loose

For this fun Madagascar party game, you’ll need to make quite a few penguins out of cardboard prior to the party (stencils are readily available online). Hide the penguins around the yard, or house, and have you animal control party guests round up those zoo escapees! If you want to make things a little more difficult for your party animals, attach Velcro to the penguins and have cardboard cut out nets with Velcro to “capture” the escapees with!

A Madagascar theme is one that works well for young children’s parties. Using these fun Madagascar party game ideas as a starting point, it’s easy to adjust traditional games, or even invent some of your own. Your child’s next birthday party will truly be one to remember.

Source by Gail Leino

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