KDL32BX420 Sony Bravia BX420 TV New 32" Model for 2011

The KDL32BX420 is the next model up from the KDL32BX320 but with all these televisions with similar model names what exactly is the difference between let’s say the KDL32BX320 and the KDL32BX420.

Both models have a 32 inch flat screen but the main difference between these 2 models is the BX420 has a screen resolution of 1080dpi compared to the BX320 which has a screen resolution of 720dpi.

This means dots per square inch and the more DPI (dots per square inch) the more crystal clear and sharp the picture will be.

Now with 32 Inch models such as the 32bx320, and the smaller sister the KDL22BX320, 720dpi is absolutely sufficient, for an excellent viewing experience.

The 32BX420 has a full screen resolution of 1080dpi which of course is way better than 720dpi and will give you an even crisper picture, whether the extra expense is warranted, well, that is up to you to decide if the price difference is worth it to you as basically that’s the only difference between theses 2 Sony Bravia’s BX series models.

Features of the KDL32BX420 Sony Bravia HD TV

5 High Definition Inputs

As with the other BX series this one has 5 HD inputs where you can connect up to 5 additional devices such as your blu ray player or a stereo system and gives you complete versatility as you have 2 HDMI inputs, 2 component inputs and finally a PC input which will allow you to connect your personal computer up to your KDL32BX420 allowing you to use it as a computer monitor and surf the net or check your Facebook account and of course much more like YouTube videos, movies and more.

USB Input

The convenient USB Stick input will give you added benefits such as being able to share your pictures on the big screen and also listen to your music through the 32bx420’s stereo speakers. All you need to do is connect your MP3 or digital camera to the television using the USB port, your MP3 player will have to be a USB enabled one in order for it to work.

Light Sensor Automatic Adjustment

One of the smartest features of this television is that it has built in Light sensor technology, what this means is your television is so smart that it will make small adjustments to the picture to ensure you get the very best picture possible when watching your television. Basically if you were to settle down to watch a movie just before it started to get dark outside and during the movie the sun sets and it gets dark outside your KDL32BX420 will adjust the screen automatically so you get the very best picture possible based on the ambient light in the room, very clever.

Just One Remote Controls All Your Sony Gadgets

You can put all those extra remote controls away in a draw as the KDl32BX420 is equipped with what Sony Bravia calls Bravia compatibility, What this means is you only need one remote control to control all of your Sony devices such as your Sony Cybershot camera, Sony Camcorders, Sony Blu Ray Players and Sony Stereo systems and as long as they are Bravia Sync compatible you can use one remote to control them all. Now that’s what I call a great feature instead of looking for remotes for each device.

Scene Select Explained

The KDL32BX420 has what Sony call Scene select, but what exactly does that mean? Well it means that you can set your television to different settings depending on what you are going to watch. For example if you were going to watch a blockbuster Movie then you could scene select Cinema mode and your television will change the audio and sound setting to what it would be like in a real cinema and you could watch that movie with superb picture and sound quality. If you wanted to watch a Sports game then the kdl32bx420 would switch to Sports mode and give you sound and pictures just like you would experience if you were at the actual game. The Music Select gives dynamic and clear sound just as if you were actually at the concert and then you have the Gaming select which will give you an extra ordinary gaming experience with superb picture and sound quality.

Source by Gaz Cooper

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