Internal Linkage Structure Strategy

Website structure has an important impact to well rank in the search engines. The well-constructed navigation schemes you employ can significantly affect your ranking. You must pay attention to this point before you start building your website.

Internal linkage structure represent the most important search engines strategy that can involve your pages rankings and it can make the difference between two websites rankings.

Furthermore, you have an entire and whole control of and depend to your effort and energy, and it’s easy to put it in your search engine optimization strategy.

Internal linking structure consists on:

1. table structure

2. sitemaps

3. competitive keyword phrase

4. internal page rank

1- The key the most important element to your website success is the valuable content. But content should be usable by search engines and your visitors.

Your website structure will determine how the spiders should be read your website, what information they gather, what content holds the most weight, how much useless code they must weed through and more.

You must structure your website in the way to catch the attention of your visitors and to the spiders for crawling well your website.

When you are setting up the initial structure of your website you want to be sure that the table structure is arranged in such way that spiders can easily and as quickly as possible get to the most important content.

There are three types of website structure:

* Pyramid structure: in which the homepages links to each categories and each categories links to each sub-categories. With this tactic, most of the page rank is focused on the homepage. And the lower you to rest to the other.

* Hierarchical structure: each webpage is linked to all the other WebPages of the site. It represents the best tactic to smaller website.

* Hybrid structure: hybrid structure uses the advantages of pyramid and hierarchical

2. Site map is a web page that lists all of the pages on your web site and you want the search engines to find and include them in their index.

Sitemaps can improve search engine optimization of a site by making sure that all the pages can be found and indexed. It help both visitors and search engine spiders to find pages on the web site

Sitemap will be a page that includes links to every other page on your site. From the sitemap, the search engine spiders can find every single page of your site. There is no need to include all of these links on your homepage.

Webmasters have been using Html sitemaps to get their content identified by search engines. This type of HTML sitemaps can be interpreted by visitors and search engines.

Website owner must build three types of sitemaps:

Html Sitemaps: building an HTML sitemap linked to and from your home page is something confidence webmasters have been doing for years and perhaps is the simplest to create. This sitemap is simply a list of pages contained on your site and enables the search engines spiders to easily find your pages, especially the ones that are linked unfathomable in your website that they may have trouble finding otherwise. You can add to every link a description to give visitors more information about your website.

XML sitemap: it is an xml file containing a structured list of web pages. After generating your xml file, you locate it on your web server and you allow Search Engine crawlers to find out what pages are present and which have recently changed. Google sitemaps is an xml sitemap and it the only search engine how recommended it.

Text sitemap: it is simply a list of the URLs of your site in the form of a text file. These can then be submitted to search engines such as Yahoo! to notify them that all the pages exist and by doing so invites their spider to visit. Best of all, there are many free online generator, they will spider your website and create your XML sitemap file and text sitemap.

Every type of sitemaps has an advantage that can help your website to get more traffic or to have a friendly relationship with search engines. For that reason, it’s very important to build all this sitemaps.

Building sitemaps for the different search engines will help your website to the maximum exposure because search engines will allow their spiders to crawl earlier, more methodically and more significantly into your website pages.

2- The keywords research is very important in building traffic and rank well. Before you start creating content and collecting for the website you need to do a little keyword research. This fundamental step should be not be skipped.

Generally, the homepage should be contained the most relevant phrase and internal page concentrate to the less competitive. Moreover, the keyword phrase should be the anchor text that you use to refer these pages.

Try to use the phrases that you should want to target on those pages as the linking text.

It always best to start off on the keywords with less competition. Get some free traffic with those keywords, and then you can focus on the larger keywords.

4- The table structure and keywords search dictate how the page rank should travel to your sub-pages from your homepage and vice versa.

On the whole, if you have a webpage linked to from your homepage it will be given more weight that a webpage that is three or four levels profound in your site.

Source by Lassaad Gasmi

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