How to Use a Simple Norse Money Magnet Ritual With Radionics

The Nordic Orgone Ond Generator can be used as a simple radioincs device and Money Magnet. It works on the principle of Simple Radionics. Radionics needs three working parts. A Power source. This is the actual N.O.O.G itself.

A wish, desire of intent. This is the money symbol. And a target. This can either be a photo placed under the N.O.O.G. Anyone who holds it in their hands becomes the target. Thanks to the new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics and the Laws of Resonant Frequencies this N.O.O.G. will attract money vibrations out of the Quantum ocean.

The quantum ocean is full of money vibrations. All you need is a method to attract it. I have found a simple one. How this money manifests in your life is an individual process depending upon your money belief system and past money programming. But attract money to you it will. As your money resistance starts to erode the money vibrations will begin to manifest as physical money in your lives.

I have been using it for several months and I have attracted small amounts of money from people and places I would never have dreamed of. I have been getting small amounts from Europe, Singapore, Australia asking for my newsletters and e-books. This has been a barren area for years.

Even the $2.00 donation PayPal button I have on my Ole Viking Website has gotten 7 clicks after laying dormant for 4 years. I bought a book at the library sale and there was 6 $2.00 bills stuffed away between the pages. While in Walmart I found a $20.00 bill in my shopping cart. $787 in new revenue in the last two months. More is coming. I find every day interesting and look to see how money will come to me, whether it is a shiny penny in the street, money in the mail of an eBay sale to some obscure country.

It is working for me! I want to share it with you. But you need PATIENCE! If you have gone this long without an overabundance of money it will take a little time. Too much resistance to money in your aura. But once you start the ritual be aware of the approach of money. It might start simply as finding an new shiny dime on the street. Pick it up. Then more and more.

Patience! Set the money wheels in motion and go about your daily business.

The actual N.O.O.G. Ritual starts by sitting in your favorite chair and relaxing. Take a few deep breaths.

Now hold the N.O.O.G. Pyramid in your both hands upside down with the bottom facing upwards like a funnel. A cornucopia. This is how the money vibrations will flow into your life from the quantum ocean, where there is an infinite supply.

Now call upon the ancient gnomes and trolls of the North. Those in charge of money and treasures.

With eyes closed and the upside down N.O.O.G. In both hands intone:

“My words have power as of old. So hear me now good Northern Gnomes and Trolls. Bring me silver, bring me gold,

Bring me green stuff that folds. Come quickly now, have fun with me, And treasure bring

So Mote it be!”

Mentally visualize your money thought forms gathering from the quantum ocean just above your head.

See your tall, wide funnel filling with money.


“The funnel for my prosperity is built and now being filled with rivers and stream and buckets and wheel barrows full of money.

It flows into my funnel in an ever increasing flow of riches and abundance.

I thank the gnomes and trolls who are helping. Now go away to help others and harm no one.”

Do this as often as possible it works. The New laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics has open wide the gates to prosperity, use them.

Help yourself with your own magic.

Source by Ellis Peterson

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