How to Stay Hard All Night – Last Longer in Bed and Stop Premature Ejaculation

All men are same when it comes to sex. Every man wants to perform like a stud in bed. Harder erections and the power to last all night is what every man fantasizes about. Premature ejaculation is extremely common among men and can make you feel less of an man. Not this, it can also leave your woman dissatisfied and disappointed. Better ejaculatory control is, however, something you can achieve with little practice and effort.

How to Stay Hard All Night

Take Things Easy

The biggest mistake men make is that they tend to rush things. Enjoy every moment and take your time. Devote more time to foreplay. Most men develop premature ejaculation as a problem since they want to get over with the act of masturbation without getting caught. This becomes a habit after some time and you are not able to control your ejaculation.

Thus, they key is to relax and take a few deep breaths every time you think you are close to the point of no return. A little practice can make you understand your body and its rhythms more accurately so that you can judge when to stop.

I am sure you have heard of the technique Stop and Start. Every time you think you are about to explode, change your position and stop penetration.

Loosen Up Your Body and Muscles

You must have notices that muscles in your body become tensed when you are close to ejaculation. Muscles in your hips, PC and bum cheeks get tensed and you feel so, just relax and a take a few deep breaths. This will ease put tension and buy your more time.

Practice Kegels

These exercises are extremely effective in strengthening your PC muscle. This is the muscle that you use to control the flow of urine and seminal fluids. Kegels are extremely simple to perform and can help you get better control over your ejaculations.

A strong PC muscle can make you stay hard for as long as you wish!

Erection Oils

Besides the above, a good quality erection oil can be a great help as well. Such an oil is a blend of herbs and natural ingredients that not only ensure instant and harder erections but also boost your sexual stamina so that you can control your ejaculations and last all night.

Such an oil is a mix of ingredients like Vitamins C, l-arginine, ginkgo biloba, pomegranate 70% ellagen, horny goat weed etc.,. These are some excellent herbs and natural ingredients that have been used since hundreds of years to boost sexual potency in men.

Such an oil can help you stay hard for hours. Another benefit is that such an oil can get you a solid erection within 40 seconds and that too without any side effects at all.

So, If You Want to Stay Hard All Night, Check out the Best Erection Oil that has Become a Huge Hit with Men All Over the World.

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