How to Go About Male Pubic Hair Shaving

By now you must have heard about pubic hair shaving for men, and how women prefer men to keep it trimmed down there.

Shaving your pubic hair not only gives you a more hygienic look and feel, but it also makes you look bigger too, it’s practically an optical inch added to your length.

I even did some online research to see if women really did want men to shave their privates. I asked in yahoo answers, yedda and several other Q and A sites and the answers where are alike. Women preferred men who shaved their pubic hairs or at least kept it trimmed.

If you have a partner, I’m sure she would appreciate you shaving your pubic hair and she’ll be happy you don’t have a hairy monster down there.

So how do you go about shaving your pubic hair? Tip number one and the most important tip I always give when it comes to male pubic hair shaving is this: Don’t use a razor, Don’t use an electric shaver, Don’t use anything sharp or made for shaving your face.

So you may wonder, what is it you should use to shave your private Ryan? Well, with so much technology and advancement in tools, it was only a matter of time until inventors focused on making something so men could shave their pubic area with ease. They’re invention is called the Philips Norelco Bodygroom.

I was lucky enough to have Philips send me my own to review, and trust me I would never use anything but the Bodygroom to shave my precious.

That’s basically the only tip you need. With the Bodygroom you can’t go wrong, no cuts, no freak accidents. You may feel a bit of “pulling” especially if you’ve got a jungle down there, so start by trimming first and move your way closer.

Source by Raphael A

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