How Do I Stop Flubbing and Skulling My Chip Shots? 3 Tips to Hit Soft Landing Golf Chips That Spin

How do I stop flubbing and skulling chip shots around the green, you ask? Sick of having that simple shot at par or birdie only to walk away with double or triple? Of course you are. Let’s discuss the cause of mis-hit chips and how to fix the problem with 3 simple tips.

The Problem: Skulled or Flubbed Chip Shots

The Reason: Too much wrist action in the chipping swing.

Many golfers will try to help the ball up in the air with the wrong motion with a chip. It seems like we have to “flip” the club face past the ball at the bottom of the chip. This is the opposite of what we want to do and causes all sorts of bad shots with zero control around the green. Here’s 3 tips and drills to get you hitting chip shots properly.

Tip 1) Hit With a Correct Impact Position of the Left Wrist-

You want to be leading through the shot with your left wrist. The left wrist “beats” the club through the impact position. That means there is basically NO wrist follow-through at the impact point.

A picture is worth a thousand words- Go ahead and go to Google images and take a look for yourself. Type in: “Golf impact position” and take a look at some of the better players at impact. Notice that ALL of the good golfers are leading with their wrists through the ball.

Good impact position is the same for a full shot as it is for a chip shot.

Tip 2) Hit Down and Through the Chip-

It doesn’t matter if you have to chip over a 10 foot bush, over a trap, and a golf cart to hit the chip you want. You still need to swing down and through to hit a high, soft landing chip shot!

This is a very common mistake by amatuers, and pros alike. It’s tough to get it in our head that we don’t need to swing up on the ball to hit it high! We need to do the opposite by hitting down and through the ball and letting the loft of the club hit it higher.

Tip 3) Use The Higher Lofted Sand Wedges Around the Green-

If the greens are fast, you’ll want to use more sand wedges and lob wedges around the green than anything else. You’ll need more loft to hit it higher and to land soft.

If you want to put spin on the ball, you’ll need to use a higher lofted club as well. Higher lofted clubs will allow you to craft more shots around the green. However, practice the lower lofted clubs for the bump and run as well!

There’s 3 simple tips to keep in mind next time you are practicing your short game. You’ll stop skulling and flubbing shots with the correct impact position, and with the use of the correct lofted club and hitting down and through you’ll stop the ball on a dime next to the hole.

Source by Greg Hanson

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