Ecommerce Strategies – How to Start Selling Online on a Dime

If you have an interest in making money online, then exploring ecommerce strategies will certainly excite you. In the early days of the Internet, selling online was expensive. Domain names and web hosting cost a ton. These days, there are many options to get started selling online on a dime:

1. eBay

Probably the fastest and easiest way to start selling online is through eBay, the world’s most visited auction site. Anyone can start selling things on eBay within minutes. The best part of all, is that most visitors on eBay are actually looking to buy something. This makes the traffic extremely targeted. You can also set up your own store on the site that gives you cheaper product listing options and also allows you to brand your business.

2. Ecommerce Store

Setting up your own ecommerce store is a great way to establish your own brand and web presence. However, this does come with some technical challenges. For starters, you have to set up your own shopping cart. Sites like 1 Shopping Cart provide this facility for simple sites but for more complex set ups, you will need to hire a programmer.

3. Affiliate Data Feed

Affiliate marketing lets you sell other people’s products and earn commissions while doing so. An affiliate data feed is simply a feed that you can use on your site to display the merchant’s products. When someone buys a product through your feed, you earn a commission. This is a simple and easy ecommerce strategy to have a professional website set up without all the hassle.

Source by Fabian Tan

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