Build An Impressive Product Landing Page, Boost Conversion Rates

Today, eCommerce business is trending in the market and most of the people are showing great interest to shop online. Hence, depending on the buyers’ behaviour and demand, the number of online stores is also increasing in a remarkable way. However, to stand out from your competitors in today’s vying business market, you need to come up with such a Magento store that is not only impressive by its looks but feature-rich as well to skyrocket your business. Here, you are going to get a few effective Magento tips on how to build an impressive product landing page that will boost conversion rate. Read on and make your Magento store a grand success.

Use Visual Content
The secret to making a successful landing page is to use visual content or image that is worth almost 60,000 words at the right place. While using images on the landing page, try to follow the below-mentioned tips for a better result.

→ Use high-quality and unique images
→ Use large images
→ If possible, enable zooming
→ Use video content
→ If possible, use 3D images

Induce Customer Feelings
Well, textual content not only helps in building SEO strategy but also helps in describing the product and its benefits. Make content so interesting and informative that shoppers cannot leave that particular page without clicking on ‘add to your cart’ button!

Try to avoid lengthy description. Keep it short, simple yet interesting, try to use peppy tone!

Activate Wish List Feature
According to a research based on customer behaviour, even though they don’t have any plan to buy a product, they simply do surfing to check our different offers, different variations of a product.

Now, while surfing, if they like any item, they would love to save it for buying it later. Your job is to make this process of saving an item easier. Obviously, bookmark option is there. But, adding product to wish list is a lot easier and a no-brainer for them! Hence, enable it.

Leverage Customer Reviews
Let your visitors see what other shoppers think about your product (particularly, positive reviews from real shoppers). This is one of the usual customer behaviours to go through the client reviews before purchasing a product. Hence, do not miss this chance to showcase your products.

In the Magento store, go to admin panel to configure this customer review feature. For detailed ratings and review, Magento offers an extension as well.

Showcase Out-of-Stock Products
If any product is out-of-stock, let the customers view it. Let them know you care about them and hence, you would let know them when the product comes back in stock.

Thus, by offering them the subscription for back-in-stock notifications along with service for pre-ordering, you can build a trustworthy relationship with the customers. It will boost conversion rate and sales.

Offer Customers a Guarantee
When you add a guarantee and display it with the product on the page, shoppers get a reassurance. Such guarantee offers would help you to attract attention of more customers and to enhance your business sales figure.

How effective and impressive your site’s product landing page is, depending on this, you can transform many prospects into potential and regular customers. Follow the above-mentioned smart and simple tips and be an ace in the online business.

Source by Rob Stephen

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