Amway Sales Technique: Three Easy Steps for Selling Amway Online

Why do Amway Sales Reps Quit?

Although Amway’s products are superior in quality, why is it that Amway sales reps are quitting at a rate of 95%? Actually, this is the typical quit rate for the MLM industry. I attribute it to the hype that most companies dish out when they’re bringing new reps aboard. The fact is that Amway, or any other multilevel distributorship for that matter, is not a get rich scheme. But if you’ve been to a meeting, and you happened to join because you felt that emotional connection and you thought to yourself, “this is the coolest scheme I’ve ever seen, I’m going to be rich”, you’re not alone. There has been a major change in social environment since 1959 when Amway was first founded. But there is one thing that hasn’t changed… human emotion.

The problem is that if you joined so easily because you just got so excited, then it’s a normal assumption that you can just wander around Wal-Mart and talk to any Joe Schmo and “convince” him to join. But in reality, who at Walmart would want to give the time of day to a guy peddling similar products for more money? So you don’t just need people to talk to… you need people who are interested in talk to.

And here’s where Amway Sales online can be an advantage…

When you can market Amway online, you can automatically weed out the people are not interested no matter what you say. This will immediately bring down the quit rate, because people tend to quit only because it’s just too hard and too painful to continue approaching people who are not interested. Who can handle all that rejection? You don’t need to increase the number of people to talk to by approaching strangers in parking lots or buying a list of leads. What you need is people who are attracted to what you have to offer because they went to Google and typed in “make money with Amway”, or whatever keyword phrase your message targets. And that can be anything from “make money with Amway” to “organic fish oil” (which, by the way, gets 880 searches per month for that keyword phrase).

Don’t let Amway Sales Online work against you…

And, consider the alternative. You continue working the Amway sales thing belly to belly, the way they’ve been teaching since the 1950’s. And you talk to someone who is really interested in this high quality fish oil. So what does the guy do? He goes home and Googles “organic fish oil”, so somebody else who is selling Amway online can get that sale!

Blueprint for Amway Sales Online…

When you make the commitment to take your Amway sales business online, doors will open for you in the way that the old traditional Amway sales models could never do. You can get started with three easy steps:

1) Start with a blog. While the traditional belly to belly method involves people wanting to buy from you because they like you, a blog is the “internet you”. When you can put your personal testimonies and videos on your blog, people will come to you as if they know you, because in their mind, they do. After all, they’ve been watching for your blog posts every day. The average person needs to be approached seven times before deciding to buy or come aboard an opportunity. Seven times? Who would have that much perseverance? But when you let your blog posts and videos do the work for you, people watch and learn on their own time. The fact of the matter is, people do love to buy, although they hate to be sold.

2) Market your blog. Income from blogging is relatively easy with a tool such as “” or “”. These are social networking sites that allow you to insert the permalink from your blog post and syndicate out to over 40 networking sites all at once. Be sure to build your blog post around a keyword phrase that people will be searching for. You can actually find this out for free at the free Google site “”.

3) Follow up with an automatic email response system. Like I said, who wants to approach the same guy seven times? Even though you will have the lead, this lead will on average need to be approached over and over before he starts thinking about your business. A professional email response system will automatically send an email response to your lead as soon as he opts into your site, and you can set up your auto-responder to send additional e-mails daily, every other day, weekly, or any way you choose to respond. It’s also extremely advantageous to send out e-mail blasts to your list, especially for things such as time sensitive offers.

Source by Nancy Harnell

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