710 Is Fast Becoming A National Dab Day

A Day To Celebrate Cannabis Use

With a lot of people still looking down on cannabis use, users have been forced to almost speak in riddles when it has to do with cannabis. When it comes to dedicating a day to celebrate cannabis, anyone associated with the herb has to literally speak in codes. You hear them say 420 or more recently 7/10 and you wonder, what the heck they are all going on about!

For cannabis lovers out there, having a globally recognised day where they can meet with other people that share a similar passion for the most misunderstood herb in the world is really a dream made in heaven or at least cloud 9.

For so long cannabis has been unwittingly made the scapegoat for many ills of society when in fact it should be put on the lofty pedestal that it rightfully belongs. With more states in the U.S legalising cannabis use and with even more states decriminalizing it. It seems only a matter of time before there is a sort of “green revolution” for both the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis.

There is one day that everyone associated with cannabis around the world looks forward to, this popular “cannabis national day” is 420 and it is a time when dealers and consumers of cannabis meetup to celebrate their love for the herb. It is a time when cannabis is celebrated for its recreational and health benefits.

420 brings cannabis users from all over the world in festivities, it’s a time when users can learn even more about the herb and share their own knowledge with fellow users as well. If you missed out on the 420 (20th of April, 2018) cannabis day, you really did miss out!

Not to worry, you still have a chance to redeem yourself in the anals of cannabis use in about two weeks from now. As you know cannabis can be used in a lot of ways and one way to enjoy this herb and get high is by dabbing. Dabbing involves the use of a dab rig to vaporise marijuana concentrates like Shatter, Wax, Rosin or Resin.

This form of cannabis use has its own fan club of dedicated users. It is this commitment to cannabis use through dabbing that has led to the creation of yet another code of sorts in the world of cannabis use. The unofficial national dab day if you like, is now known as 7/10.

What Is 710 All About?

As mentioned earlier, 7/10 is an unofficial national dab day that was created by cannabis concentrate enthusiasts. The exact origin of this day is up for debate, but what is interesting is that when 710 is flipped upside down it appears as “OIL” which pretty much tells the whole story, right?!

While 420 is an established global day for cannabis festivities, 7/10 is actually a relatively recent event though it is catching on really fast. The first recorded 7/10 celebration was back in 2012, however it is believed that 7/10 or something similar was probably celebrated by dabbing aficionados long before 2012.

So What Is Dabbing Anyway?

Dabbing basically involves the use of a dab rig which is a device that is used to vaporize cannabis concentrates like Shatter, Wax, Hash, Budder, Rosin and Resin. This device can vary in size, shape and design, but the use is more or less the same.

The device requires the use of a nail (glass or metal), a dabber used to place the concentrate on the nail and a blowtorch to generate the required amount of heat to vaporize the cannabis concentrate.

This may not appeal to newbies to the world of cannabis use because of the process involved and in truth cannabis concentrates tend to have a higher concentration of THC than smoking or vaporizing dry weed. However, for experienced cannabis users cannabis concentrates give the ultimate high as concentrates are known to have 80% or more THC.

Dabbing is also a very good way for anyone wishing to use cannabis for medicinal purpose to get sufficient amounts of cannabinoids necessary for treatment. Cannabis concentrates in recent times have become much safer to produce partly due to stiffer regulations, technological advancements, improved production methods and a better understanding of the herb. So in celebration of 7/10 get yourself a dab rig today.

Celebrate 7/10

On the 10th of July, 2018 you can join in the celebration of cannabis concentrates by getting yourself a dab rig and the cannabis concentrate of your choice. Inhale the THC rich vapor produced by your dab rig and literally get high. In 7/10 you can invite family and friends to join you in dabbing as well. Just remember that cannabis concentrates are pretty potent and really not meant for novice cannabis users.

Source by Awen Leslies Zheng

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