7 Features to Look for When Choosing a Serviced Apartment

When planning your next trip to Sydney, serviced apartments are well worth looking at for the many features available. If you’ve decided previously that hotel rooms are too cramped for your requirements then make sure you search for an apartment building that offers at least these seven features in serviced apartments in Sydney.

Daily servicing saves you time and additional expense if not part of the cost of the room. Ensure this is a daily service if you are staying for more than a few days. The last thing you need to worry about whether you are in Sydney on business or for that dream holiday, is having to make the bed and wipe over the bathroom.

If you prefer to cook make sure the kitchen has more than a microwave. Many apartment buildings offer kitchen with full cooking facilities. State of the art and modern ovens and cook tops will give a sense of home away from home. Dining out is obviously an added expense that can be kept to a minimum if you have the area to prepare most of your meals.

Look for buildings that have air-conditioning controls in the room for personalised climate control. Most buildings are fully air-conditioned these days but not all have that added benefit of individual room control.

Staying in a serviced apartment Sydney can be an extension of your home life and sometimes better than home with fitness centres, pools, saunas and spas on site. Use your free time to maintain your exercise routine or simply relax and enjoy the pool and spa provided.

While it is great to have a kitchen for meal preparation there will be those nights when you would rather someone else do the hard work. Select an apartment building with on site dining facilities eliminating the long walk or expensive taxi fare to a restaurant.

If you are in Sydney on business you may need to be close to the CBD so check the location of the apartment building and make sure you will be centrally located.

Most of us have spent time and money making our own homes as comfortable as possible. Therefore when on holiday or business trips the accommodation should match if not prove to be better than what you have at home. There are some ultra modern apartments with king size beds to be found in the heart of the city in Sydney so make the most of your time away.

  1. Daily Servicing
  2. Practical Kitchen Facilities
  3. Air-conditioning
  4. Fitness Centres
  5. Onsite Dining
  6. Location
  7. Comfortable Furnishings

These are a few of the features to look out for before deciding on the best accommodation options for your next stay in Sydney. There are other features, such as 24 hour reception, security and off street parking that may help you in selecting the best apartment building to suit your needs.

Source by Kelye K Woodgate

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