5 Ways To Be A Better Affiliate

We’ve all been there. You sign up to an affiliate program and you obtain your affiliate link….and then you stare at it. Staring at your affiliate link will not make you any money. Neither will spamming your link over myspace or forums. If you are doing that stop it…it is either illegal or it should be illegal. In this short article I will give you 5 steps in the right direction.


Buy a domain and hosting package. The best way to get something indexed on the web for people to see, is to put it there on a piece of “Virtual Real Estate” that you own. Remember, you don’t get something for nothing so plunk down a little cash and start building your own site.


Arm yourself with all the free tools you can get. Don’t own Adobe Dreamweaver? No problem, NVU or Trellian Web page are two free site building tools that will get you to an acceptable level of web design. Hey…it’s free. Bookmark http://www.download.com you can search for tons of free programs there, and better yet you can filter out the trial period software and search for only free license software (meaning it is really, really free).


Build your own email list. This is another step that is crucial if you want to make a substantial amount of income online. Some clients I work with are able to make sales only because they are able to promote to 50,000+ targeted leads at the click of a button. I suggest 1shoppincart.com for beginners. First of all it’s inexpensive, and also, if you ever want to create your own product, you can upgrade your service level to include a shopping cart. For now, all you want is to capture leads through a squeeze page or newsletter opt-in.


Get a blog and use it. Blogs are free. Get one and update it daily.


Dabble in Pay-Per-Click advertising. It may not be for you, so sign up for a Google AdWords account and try it out. You can set a budget, so keep that in mind while you test it out. I personally made my first check from PPC sales as an affilaite of dentalplans.com. PPC is now incredibly complex so you may want to study up on the subject before you throw your change at the strategy.

Well, those are my 5 steps. All of them can and are easily expanded into a science of their own. Now you get an idea of what it takes to earn income online through affiliate programs…a lot of work. Not to worry though once you get good at it, it will seem easy. As any thing in life the beginning is not easy, but marketing as an affiliate can be incredibly rewarding.

Cheers, and I’ll see you out there.

-Jared Masa

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